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Raco Calent ZenOliva property is a farm located 76 m above the Mediterranean Sea in the town of Sant Carles (Sierra del Montsià) located in the Ebro River delta and classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


The soil is composed of sea sedimentary materials, marl and calcareous rocks.The olive trees are oriented toward the sun and perfectly aligned.

The selection of all AOVES Premium Zen Oliva (extra virgin olive oils) comes from picking the olives from the tree and not from the ground. Olives are harvested from the tree before the oxidation process begins, and within 12 hours they are pressed into oil and stored. Our oils’ low acid and high antioxidant levels reflect the highest care without using insecticides or herbicides.

Pure olive oil, first press and an early harvest year accentuate the fruity flavor.


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Varieties Zen Oliva

Arbequina, Morruda, Farga y Coupage.






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 "Legend of Olivo" from a family that has, for generations, been dedicated to the Olive Culture and extracting olive oil, our raison d'être.


These oils produced are the fruit of our own olive trees, some 1,000 years old, many centuries old and some that are younger. This gives us complete control over the entire process of growing, harvesting, milling, packaging and distribution.


The result is olive oil with a soul, a very special sensory impact, worthy of a god’s table, which, once tasted, lead us to a point of no return. Provocative and one-of-a-kind.


Some evoke a taste of a legend, quasi-mythological, and always very Mediterranean.


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